Mt Rainier Ranch

Mt Rainier Ranch is a 100 year old original farmstead in the foothills of Mt Rainier, located just 10 miles from Mt Rainier National Park and 5 Miles from the Mt Rainier Visitors Center. Mt Rainier Ranch is the premier in lodging in the Mt Rainier Valley, perfect for small or large groups with private accommodations for up to 30. Stay in one of our farmstead guest rooms, or in one of our authentic River Tipis, or in regular Tent or RV camping spots along the East Creek. Ride horses, swim, fish and relax in Mt Rainiers beauty!

Rooms & Suites

Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

Temple tipi overlooking Mt Rainier- Ontop of our very own Misty Mountain

Temple Tipi

Stay in the…


Mt rainier room

Sleeps 2, Queen Bed.


Rainier View Room

Sleeps 2, Private En Suite.


Specialties at Mt Rainier Ranch

Meet our rescue horses and animals, enjoy learning about organic farming and the history of Mt Rainier. Bring your dog, and inquire about large events and parties at Mt Rainier.

The wild beauty of the Northwest

Mt Rainier is one of the most beautiful back drops for your stay, family gathering or wedding. It is a beautiful magical place filled with natural untouched mountains and trees, as well as streams that wind through it in a romantic and picturesque way. Mt rainier has a national park, campsites and much more to visit, including the Mt Rainier Railroad and mineral lake, just down the way for you to explore. Everything from hiking, biking, birdwatching, boating to horseback riding. Take advantage of it here!